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Step By Step Explanations

Our 90-Day Real Estate Marketing Roadmap is an actionable step-by-step guide to generating leads both online and offline. Extracted from the concepts and ideas shared in 'Real Estate Marketing' this roadmap is designed to bridge the gap between knowledge and results. Essentially, it's exactly what a marketing agency would do if you hired them.

Stop Chasing After Leads

Instead of constantly harping on your friends, family, and past clients to help you get leads, attract new people into your business by becoming engaged in your community and building a valuable reputation online. The days of having to knock on doors in your neighborhood are over!

This is NOT a course.

This 90-day roadmap not another course that forces you to watch hours and hours of repetitive and mundane information that won't yield you any results. Instead, we've built a structured plan with simple, easy to complete, time saving, measurable tasks that anyone can follow to achieve REAL results. The best part? This is exactly what we'd do for you if you hired us! Simply follow along with the instructions and watch the magic happen!

The 90 Day Roadmap will guide you to:

➤ Try everything at least once: Rather than making assumptions that certain things will or will not work for your brand, you get to systematically test, record results, and double down on what ACTUALLY gets you results.

➤ Generate More Leads Fast: Implement practical lead generation strategies that are tried and tested to bring potential clients to your doorstep.

➤ Systemize Your Follow-Up Practices: Execute on proven follow-up techniques that turn initial inquiries into loyal clients who trust your expertise.

➤ Close Deals Effortlessly: Master the art of closing deals with confidence and persuasion, leading to increased earnings and career satisfaction.

➤ Execute Simple and Actionable Tasks: The roadmap is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that every task is time sensitive, actionable, and results-focused.

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Get instant access to the digital interactive copy of the book.

Unlock another 180 priceless lead generating actions.

Finally gain the clarity you've been searching for.

Don't spend another minute watching video courses.

Take action now and get results faster.

Prioritize tasks that save both time and money.

Tailor your approach and focus on what ACTUALLY works.

Work at your own pace without any pressure.

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What's included?

Here's a sneak peak of the first ten days of the program:

Day 1: Define Your USP, Data Management, & Professional Email
Day 2: Local Research, CRM Selection, & Welcome Email Setup
Day 3: Set Goals, Outline Offering, & Establish Online Presence
Day 4: Connect With Peers, Create Content, & SEO
Day 5: Business Cards, Call Your Leads, & Lead Magnet
Day 6: Email Automation, Blogging, & Local Events
Day 7: Social Media, Funnel Building, & Local Collaboration
Day 8: Go Live, Email Management, & Analytics
Day 9: Networking, YouTube, & Twitter
Day 10: Newsletter, LinkedIn, & Call Your Leads

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