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Our Chameleon Platform Is
Changing The Game

360 Virtual Tour Theme

Virtual Tour Theme

Luxury #1

This is designed for the agent who wants everything. You can showcase 3 main tour photos in this theme along with presenting the listings’ top ten features. If you don’t want to show the price, no problem.

Get the phone ringing or emails coming with our new “Call For Price” option. All our Chameleon themes allow you to add multiple media such as photos, videos, floorplans and even a Matterport 3D model. The Matterport model fits right inside all our themes.

Virtual Tour Theme

Luxury #2

This theme is almost identical to Luxury #1 but with a little twist.  Some agents wanted a more visible property address, open house, and welcome introduction and this theme has delivered just that

Luxury 2 also gives the viewer the same welcoming presentation of the listing’s top 5 images, property details and features.

You can instantly change the color schemes on all our themes to match your brokerage logo or agent branding.

Virtual Tour Theme

Luxury #3

This is our newest theme and very similar to the “Luxury #1” theme but with a few more display options.

While Luxury 1 has just 3 main images rotating at the top, this theme was built for the agent who wants to showcase the “Video Walk-Through” or photo slideshow right at the top of the presentation. This video walk through is automatically created from your tour photos, agent profile picture and brokerage logo.

Curb appeal and 1st impressions in real estate are very important and all our themes are creating an eye-popping and engaging single property presentation.

Virtual Tour Theme


This theme was the first chameleon tour theme. The days of old boring virtual tours are gone and the new MVL designs are becoming the new way to present listings online.

You choose the tour theme you want and you can instantly change from theme to theme to choose the one you prefer. We provide a simple manage tours interface where you have total control of all your themes including a complete royalty-free music library of background music.

Virtual Tour Theme


This is a perfect theme for a custom real estate video. If you are using video to showcase your listings this is the theme for you.

With real estate video becoming more popular with home sellers we wanted to make sure that our platform could highlight these videos as soon as the tour opened. Now agents can display their videos along with the property photo gallery, details, top features and an entire presentation, all in one spot.

Virtual Tour Theme