CRM (Basic)

$97.00 / month

Our CRM tool is great for agents that need a simple way to keep track of their customers and understand their needs. It makes organizing customer details and seeing useful patterns in data easy, so you can make smart decisions.

This software solution makes handling customer relationships a breeze. You’ll find it easy to talk to your customers in ways that make sense to them, thanks to tools that do some of your work for you. As your business grows, our tool can grow with you, bringing in new abilities like texting and AI whenever you decide it’s time.

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Here’s what you get with our CRM tool:

  • You can manage all your customer information in one easy-to-access place.
  • Consolidate your communication channels and make messaging easy.
  • Get a clear picture how your business is doing and find ways to improve your revenue opportunities.
  • Spot trends over time, helping you provide exactly what customers need next.
  • Change your messages to fit different customers needs.
  • Automate email correspondence and keep your contacts engaged with your business.
  • Start with what you need and add more features like texting and smart marketing tools when you’re ready.