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A Step-By-Step Guide to 27 Of The Highest Performing Lead Generating Activities For REALTORS® For Just $27

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Stop Buying Bad Leads

Agencies that "sell leads" aren't actually selling leads. They're tricking people into sharing their information and disguising it as leads. Stop wasting money and start working with highly qualified people who actually want to talk to you.

Don't Waste Money On Mailers

Most agents I've talked to say that it takes 12-18 months to see results IF ANY. What's worse, you probably won't ever know if they actually because lead attribution is impossible! Stop burning money and get real results.

Quit Competing For The Bus Bench

Have you ever looked at a sign and immediately picked up your phone and called the number? Like, ever? Your clients aren't going to do that either. You need reliable systems that are going to work on auto pilot.

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Pick One & Go

Choose one key activity that aligns with your goals. Dedicate yourself to this activity for 100 days, ensuring focused and consistent effort to drive results.


Assess & Expand

At the midpoint, introduce a second activity while continuing the first. After each activity's 100-day cycle, evaluate the impact and effectiveness of your efforts. This step is crucial for understanding what works best for you.


Optimize & Repeat

Identify and stick to 3-5 high-impact activities that consistently yield predictable outcomes. This focused approach ensures you're investing your time and resources in the most effective strategies.


Pass On The Torch

Document your successful processes for easy replication and delegation. This enables you to train others, streamline operations, and ultimately reclaim your time.

The lead gen accelerator

Is A Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide To Executing On The Following Top Performing Lead Generating Activities For REALTORS®

• Outlining Your Avatar
• Mapping Your Signature Solution
• Building A Lead Magnet
• Creating Landing Pages
• Creating Relationships With Attorneys
• Creating Relationships With Builders
• Creating Relationships With Mortgage Lenders
• Creating Relationships With CPAs or Financial Planners
• Creating Relationships With Insurance Agents
• Creating Relationships With Title Company Agents
• Who To Cold Calling + Scripts
Working Your Circle
• Door Knocking And Door Hanging
• Visiting Estate Sales

• Having Conversations With Friends And Family
• Hosting Events
• Networking Through Social Circles
• Creating A Referral Program
• FOIA Requests
• Paid Social Media Advertising Campaigns
• Organic Social Media Activities
• Facebook Community Groups
• Google Search Optimization
• PPC (Paid Per Click) Ad Campaigns
• Monthly Newsletter Program
• Pay-At-Close Marketing Agencies
• Pay-Per-Lead Marketing Agencies

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You might be asking...

Absolutely not! We’re all about sparking joy by simplifying your lead gen process, not piling on more. It’s like having a magic wand to sort the wheat from the chaff! We’ve already done the heavy lifting in strategizing, testing, and refining these strategies. That’ll save you a few years worth of trial and error at least.

Steeper than a bunny slope? Yes. As steep as Everest? Nope! We’ve made our system as intuitive as a smart fridge. You’ll be whipping up lead gen smoothies in no time, with plenty of support to keep you from hitting any ice patches. And you always have the option to reach out and ask for help. 

We certainly hope not. After years of development, testing, and countless hours documenting this 146 page guide we’d like to think we’ve done a good job creating something valuable. We’re more about delivering a friendly neighborhood satellite than moon dust. Our success stories are real – no fairy dust needed. Think of us as the reliable golden retriever of lead gen tools; we fetch what you need.

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Short answer, no. Longer one… Only if you want to. We’ve outlined strategies and the budget ranges so you can focus on what fits your current situation. No dark magic here – just clear, straightforward strategies to improve your workflow. 

Ask us about our free success antihistamines with every subscription. Jokes aside, we’re here to make sure you’re comfortable with every step towards more leads and less stress, at your own pace. If the workload becomes too much, there’s an option near the end of the guide to outsource your more tedious work so you don’t suffer from your success!

Sure, you can keep using a flip phone too, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy the sleek efficiency of the latest and greatest? Our Lead Gen Accelerator is the upgrade you didn’t know you needed, minus the frustration of untangling old-school charger cords.

Call us. (You can also email support if you don’t like talking on the phone) We’ll immediately issue a refund. No questions asked. We’d rather you be satisfied with the work we do than take your money and if you aren’t 100% satisfied then there’s room for us to improvement and your feedback is key to our growth.