Ad Campaign Management (Gold Package)

$1,000.00 / month

Our team of experienced specialists work diligently to set up a marketing system for your business. First, we craft a detailed strategy, mapping your ideal client’s progression from discovery to deal. We take care of the research, asset management, execution, and optimization. Our Ad Campaign Management package is not just a service; it’s your key to a holistic marketing system. We are committed to maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI) for every dollar spent allowing you to focus on the parts of your business that you enjoy most.

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What we do:

  • Together we outline relevant goals and expectations for your desired outcomes.
  • Using your goals we will compile a comprehensive strategy that describes your ideal client’s journey from discovery to close.
  • From the strategy we will extract a list of digital assets and other relevant tools.
  • Using the list as a guideline we will craft and assemble all of the necessary elements of the strategy outlined including the lead magnet, the landing pages, the ad creatives, and the necessary copy writing.
  • We will set up the ad campaign on the relevant platform as outlined in the campaign strategy and activate when appropriate.
  • After the activation we will monitor the performance of the campaign and record pertinent information in a shared Google Spreadsheet.
  • During the life of the campaign we will optimize specific campaign elements to maximize your ROI.

What you get:

  1. Phase 1
    1. Avatar Research
    2. Creation of 3 Videos (Scripts, capture coaching, & Editing)
    3. Landing page creation & management (Writing, images, & CRM Integration)
    4. Set up, activation, and active ongoing optimization of necessary ads on 1 platform
  2. Phase 2
    1. Lead Magnet Generation
    2. Funnel Automations Setup
    3. Welcome Email Sequence (Writing the emails, planning the journey, automating the delivery)
    4. Sales System coaching
  3. Phase 3
    1. Generation of Additional Call To Action Images
    2. Writing of the ad descriptions
    3. Set up, activation, and active ongoing optimization of necessary retargeting ads on 1 platform
    4. Ongoing optimization of lead generation activities

How it helps:

  • Ad campaign management helps you efficiently achieve your advertising goals by aligning resources with expectations, setting a clear strategy, and optimizing campaign performance.
  • Client journey mapping ensures that the ad campaign is strategically designed to guide potential clients from discovery to closing a deal.
  • By identifying necessary digital assets and tools, we can leverage resources more efficiently, ensuring everything is in place for a successful campaign.
  • Having a single team craft and assemble your ad elements, such as lead magnets, landing pages, and creatives, ensures your campaign has all the necessary elements for success.
  • We set up the campaign on the relevant platform, taking advantage of our experience and expertise to ensure a smooth and effective launch.
    Performance monitoring and optimization provides us with valuable data to inform decision-making to make the campaign more successful.

Our Ad Campaign Management package is the key to a successful advertising campaign. We begin by setting goals and aligning expectations, then strategically map the client journey and compile necessary digital assets. Crafting and assembling the campaign elements, platform setup, and activation ensure a smooth launch. Throughout the campaign, we monitor performance and optimize specific elements to maximize ROI. This service empowers clients to efficiently achieve their advertising goals while making the most of their resources.

Please Note: The price of this subscription ONLY covers the strategy development, generation of creative assets, funnel mapping, activation, management, and optimization of one (1) social media campaign on one (1) social media platform. This price DOES NOT INCLUDE your ad spend budget. It is recommended that you allocate an additional $20/day for the duration of your campaign. (For best results campaigns usually run for 90 days minimum.) We do offer discounts on multiple campaigns. It’s recommended that you speak with one of our strategists before making your purchase.