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The 90-Day Real Estate Marketing Roadmap is your actionable guide to achieving tangible success in the dynamic world of real estate. Derived from the concepts and ideas shared in ‘Real Estate Marketing’ this roadmap is designed to bridge the gap between knowledge and results.

For Realtors®, the journey is often paved with challenges, and that’s where this roadmap becomes invaluable. It’s built upon the very insights, strategies, and tactics detailed in the book, offering you a practical and hands-on approach to tackling the core marketing tasks that real estate professionals need to focus on to get results.

When it comes to lead generation, follow-up, and closing deals, in a competitive market the struggle is real. Many agents grapple with the day to day tasks and never make time to do the things that result in actually generating leads, effectively following up with potential clients, and ultimately sealing the deal.

This 90-day roadmap is your solution. It provides a structured plan with simple, measurable tasks that transform your book knowledge into real-world results. The best part? You don’t have to chain yourself to your computer to watch countless hours of “training videos”. You just have to follow along with the instructions and watch the magic happen!

➤ Try everything at least once: Rather than making assumptions that certain things will or will not work for your brand, you get to systematically test, record results, and double down on what ACTUALLY gets you results.

➤ Generate More Leads Fast: Implement practical lead generation strategies that are tried and tested to bring potential clients to your doorstep.

➤ Enhance Follow-Up Practices: Learn proven follow-up techniques that turn initial inquiries into loyal clients who trust your expertise.

➤ Efficient Deal Closure: Master the art of closing deals with confidence and persuasion, leading to increased earnings and career satisfaction.

➤ Simple and Actionable Tasks: The roadmap is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that every task is actionable and results-focused.

➤ Measurable Progress: Each task is crafted to be measurable, allowing you to track your progress and know exactly where you stand.

➤ Data-Driven Decisions: Rather than making assumptions, systematically test and record results, enabling data-driven decision-making for your marketing strategies.

➤ Streamlined Marketing: Eliminate the guesswork by implementing a roadmap that streamlines your marketing efforts for optimal effectiveness.

➤ Time and Money Savings: The roadmap guides you to prioritize tasks that save both time and money while achieving maximum results.

➤ A Competitive Edge: Stay ahead of your competitors with a roadmap that ensures you’re always working on tasks that matter most to your success.

➤ Personalized Growth: Tailor your approach by focusing on areas where you can make the most substantial impact based on your specific needs and goals.