Lead Gen Accelerator For REALTORS®


“It’s basically a crash course on lead gen for anyone who works in Real Estate.”

Get instant access to our Step-By-Step Guide to 27 Of The Highest Performing Lead Generating Activities For REALTORS®

  • Unlock 27 Lead Generating Activities
  • Access Links, Downloads, & Templates
  • Discover Timeless Tested Strategies
  • Deploy Cutting Edge Technology
  • Most Of The Work Is Already Done


Here’s How It Works:

1. Pick One & Go: Choose one key activity that aligns with your goals. Dedicate yourself to this activity for 100 days, ensuring focused and consistent effort to drive results.
2. Assess & Expand: At the midpoint, introduce a second activity while continuing the first. After each activity’s 100-day cycle, evaluate the impact and effectiveness of your efforts. This step is crucial for understanding what works best for you.
3. Optimize & Repeat: Identify and stick to 3-5 high-impact activities that consistently yield predictable outcomes. This focused approach ensures you’re investing your time and resources in the most effective strategies.
4. Pass On The Torch: Document your successful processes for easy replication and delegation. This enables you to train others, streamline operations, and ultimately reclaim your time.

The Lead Gen Accelerator…

Is A Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide To Executing On The Following Top Performing Lead Generating Activities For REALTORS®

• Outlining Your Avatar
• Mapping Your Signature Solution
• Building A Lead Magnet
• Creating Landing Pages
• Creating Relationships With Attorneys
• Creating Relationships With Builders
• Creating Relationships With Mortgage Lenders
• Creating Relationships With CPAs or Financial Planners
• Creating Relationships With Insurance Agents
• Creating Relationships With Title Company Agents
• Who To Cold Calling + Scripts
• Working Your Circle
• Door Knocking And Door Hanging
• Visiting Estate Sales
• Having Conversations With Friends And Family
• Hosting Events
• Networking Through Social Circles
• Creating A Referral Program
• FOIA Requests
• Paid Social Media Advertising Campaigns
• Organic Social Media Activities
• Facebook Community Groups
• Google Search Optimization
• PPC (Paid Per Click) Ad Campaigns
• Monthly Newsletter Program
• Pay-At-Close Marketing Agencies
• Pay-Per-Lead Marketing Agencies