30 Days of Content for Real Estate Agents (Keller Williams Branded)


Revolutionize your social media presence with our Real Estate Social Media Content Template

This Canva Template is the ultimate solution for busy agents seeking effortless and impactful online engagement. The template file comes packed with 30 days’ worth of ready-to-use content tailored specifically for a real estate agent.


A seamless blend of convenience and customization.

Whether you deploy it as-is or tailor it to your brand, this user-friendly template ensures a consistent and compelling online presence, eliminating the stress of content creation and unleashing the power of the top-performing post styles in the real estate niche.

Here’s what you get:

➔ Ready-to-use content for 30 days of hassle-free social media posting.
➔ Easily customizable to match your unique brand identity.
➔ Intuitive and user-friendly, no graphic design skills required.
➔ Achieve consistency in posting, building a strong online presence.
➔ Eliminate the headache of brainstorming new content ideas every month.
➔ Features the top 30 best-performing post styles in the real estate industry.
➔ Suitable for both experienced agents and their assistants.

Elevate your online game effortlessly with our Real Estate Social Media Content Template – an invaluable resource designed to save you time, maintain a polished brand image, and keep your audience engaged. For the price of a two topping pizza, you gain a month’s worth of content, crafted by industry experts, that can be reused for years to come.

Invest in your success today and watch your social media presence soar. Unlock the door to consistent and compelling content – because your brand deserves nothing less.