Podcast Launch


Our Podcast Launch service is your gateway to bringing your creative vision to life. Podcasting is a powerful way to share your message, connect with your audience, and expand your brand’s reach. Over a 90-day journey, we’ll guide you through the process, helping you create a podcast that resonates with your target audience and reflects your vision.


What we do:

  • First we craft the brand. Following your vision we help you shape your show structure, podcast genre, and target audience to help give your show a direction.
  • With clarity of direction we can begin to assemble the creative assets for your show. That includes:
  • Your logo, fonts, and color palette.
  • Your intro/music and visuals.
  • Setup your necessary digital tools and accounts.
  • Once your foundation is in place we can compile your initial guest list and prepare you for your first recording.
  • You will receive direct one-on-one coaching and instruction for your initial recording, editing, and distribution of your first episode.
  • When the time comes you will be provided with all the necessary video training assets including your recording and editing procedures, the distribution process, and a course of action for marketing and monetization so you can continue running a successful show. Alternatively you can take advantage of our Podcast Management Package.

How it helps:

  • Your podcast brand identity will shape your show’s structure, genre, and target audience. With clear direction your podcast will have a compelling focus and resonate with your intended listeners. This clarity can lead to increased engagement and loyalty among your audience.
  • Your podcast’s visual identity is crucial. With consistent use of your logo, brand fonts, and color palette, your podcast will have a professional, cohesive appearance.
  • To stand out, your podcast needs a captivating structure, intro, music, and visuals. Our service includes the creation of these elements, ensuring your podcast opens with a memorable and engaging impact, leaving a strong first impression on your audience.
  • We take care of the technical setup, digital tools, and accounts, saving you time and effort. This efficiency allows you to focus on the parts you enjoy the most. Additionally, one-on-one coaching and instruction ensure you’re confident in the recording, editing, and distribution of your first episode.
  • Through our comprehensive training, you gain the knowledge and skills to manage your podcast independently. This empowerment extends to recording, editing, and distribution procedures, as well as a clear course of action for marketing and monetization.
  • You’ll receive all the necessary video training assets, covering recording and editing procedures, distribution processes, and effective marketing and monetization strategies so that you’re never stuck.

Our Podcast Launch package is your path to a successful online show that resonates with your audience and reflects your vision. We provide clear direction, a professional visual identity, engaging content, and efficient technical setup. One-on-one coaching ensures you’re confident in podcast creation. We empower you with the knowledge and independence to manage your podcast effectively and efficiently. With our training assets, you’ll have the tools and strategies to continue running a successful money making machine.