Content Creation

$297.00 / month

In the dynamic world of social media, captivating visuals and engaging content are your tickets to success, and we’re here to make it effortless for you. Our team meticulously researches your brand and industry leaders to design a personalized content strategy. In addition to a month’s worth of images for your social media accounts you get carefully selected hashtags and SEO-optimized descriptions to boost your visibility and engagement. Your online presence will offer your prospects professionalism and consistency, keeping you top of mind.

100 in stock (can be backordered)


What we do:

  • We research your brand and similar brands to determine the best performing content styles.
  • We gather top performing geographical, broad keyword, specific keyword, and brand related hashtags.
  • We create 1 branded image for each day of the month from our list of top performing brand post styles. (Total of 28-31).
  • We write 1 search engine optimized post description for each post we generate for the month following your brand guidelines.
  • We share the posts with you in a curated Google Drive Folder where you can access and download your assets for use on applicable social media platforms. Alternatively you can take advantage of our Post Automation Package.

How it helps:

  • The professionally designed images and well-crafted descriptions convey a sense of professionalism and authority to your prospects.
  • Thorough research on your brand and industry leaders gives your content a tailored feel that will resonate with your ideal prospects and boost your engagement.
  • Well researched hashtags help increase the discoverability of your posts, making you more visible to potential clients.
  • Posting consistency enhances your social media presence, keeping your audience engaged and interested in you. With an active social presence you’ll stay top of mind.
  • With a carefully crafted, search engine optimized post description, your posts not only look great but are also geared to rank higher on search engines, attracting more potential clients to your offers.
  • You can conveniently access and download your assets for use on applicable social media platforms which will streamline your process and save you valuable time.
  • You’ll feel confident knowing that your social media strategy is aligned with proven successful styles, increasing your chances of connecting with your audience effectively.

Our Social Media Content Creation package is the key to a more confident, engaging, and effective social media presence, making you stand out in the competitive market.